Maryam began her professional career as a financial analyst but quickly realized her true love and interest is in the art. She works in multiple mediums, including oil, acrylic, digital art, 3-dimension fiber, ceramic and Ikebana flower design. She accepted to numerous juried art show and won multiple awards. Additionally, Maryam is an Ikebana teacher and has done several workshops and demonstrations. (Ikebana is a Japanese art of floral design).
“Maryam Style” can be described as complex yet beautiful compositions expressing movement of color and shape, which come together in harmony. Her paintings are a spiritual experience which carries a message of peace, love, and freedom.
She says “when I start one of my art pieces”, I don’t plan the outcome. I just let my subconscious take over and tap into unseen realms. My subconscious leads me to an amazing, magical journey into the mystery of my own spirituality. Art for me is a never ending spiritual journey.

This artist is creating her own floral design to go with her painting.